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Take Your Riding Adventures To The Next Level


THURSDAY MORNING Stage 1 Training…
3 Hour Class… training will begin with an explanation of the basics of proper riding positions for variable terrain, low speed balance, stopping and accelerating. Participants will also learn to operate their motorcycles in tight quarters without “duck walking” or dragging a foot through the turn, proper braking techniques, and, of course, how to reduce chances of injury when righting a downed bike… It can also serve as a prerequisite to Stage Two, regardless of experience.

THURSDAY AFTERNOON Stage 2 Training... 3 Hour Class… Stage Two will build on those skills working with varied terrain. All exercises are designed to be comprehensive, building on Stage One and allowing a smooth progression of skill as participants encounter increasingly challenging scenarios. 

FRIDAY will be a group trail ride with students and instructors through Wayne National Forest so you can practice what you've learned. (Wayne National Forest Pass Required)".

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