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WWW Schedule of Events


Wailing Wayne Weekend has lots of events to keep everyone entertained throughout the weekend. No matter if you come on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, there will be plenty of great riding and fun events for you to partake in. 

2023 WWW Schedule of Events
(More Events Will Be Added)

Wednesday September 6th…

WWW Registration Starts 12:00pm

BMW MOA's Bier Garden Opens  5:00pm

Wailin Wayne's Welcome Dinner 7:00pm

Evening Music Entertainment  7:00pm

Wailin Wayne's Moto Movie 8:00pm

Thursday September 7th...
Breakfast 8:00am
WWW Registration Starts 9:00am

Riders Meeting (REQUIRED) 8:45am  

"Lucky Irish" Advance Trail Ride (4-5Hrs) ​​9:30am

Intermediate Trail Ride (4-5Hrs) 10:00am

 Appalachian ADV Road Ride (4-5Hrs) 9:30am

Ohio's Windy 9 Rides (Guided 4-5Hrs) 9:30am
BMW MOA's Bier Garden Opens  5:00pm

BBQ & Brews Express Train Ride  5:30pm (RSVP Required)

WWW Bouncy Ball Games  6:00pm
WWW Dinner 7:00pm

Evening Music Entertainment  8:00pm

Wailin Wayne's Moto Movie 8:00pm

Friday September 8th...
WWW Breakfast 8:00am 

Registration Starts  8:30am 

Riders Meeting (REQUIRED) 8:45am 

Rider Training 9:30am 

Advance Trail Ride (4-5Hrs) ​​9:30am  

Intermediate Trail Ride 9:45am

BeginnerTrail Ride (4-5Hrs) 10:00am

Appalachian ADV Road Ride (Guided 4-5Hrs) 9:30m

Ohio's Windy 9 Ride (Guided 4-5Hrs) 9:30am

BMW MOA's Bier Garden Opens  5:00pm

WWW Slow Race 5:30pm

Wailin Wayne Dinner  7:00pm

Music Entertainment 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Night Ride 8:30pm - 10:00pm

Saturday September 9th
Breakfast 8:00am 

Registration Starts 8:45am   

Riders Meeting (REQUIRED) 8:45am 
Rider Training 9:30am 

Advanced Trail Ride (5-6hrs) 9:30am 

Intermediate Trail Ride (5-6hrs) 9:30am

Beginner Trail Ride (4-5Hrs) 9:30am

Ohio's Windy 9 Ride (Guided 4-5Hrs) 9:30am

BMW MOA's Bier Garden Opens 5:00pm

WWW Trials Course Competition 5:00pm  

Wailin Wayne Weekend Group Photo 6:50pm

WWW Saturday Dinner 7:15pm

WWW Door Prize Giveaways & Awards Presentation 8:00pm

The Menus Music Concert 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Sunday September 10th...
WWW Breakfast 7:30am 

Short Trail Ride (3Hrs) 9:30am​​ 

WWW Concludes 12:00pm

   Safe Travels Home Everyone... See You Next Year

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