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The Menus at Wailin Wayne

Saturday , September 9th 2023 

The Menus Story

The Menus were formed in 1983 in a basement on West side of Cincinnati, Ohio. Front man and lead singer Tim Goldrainer is the key ingredient in capturing their large audience, with a crazy, colorful wardrobe, kicking confetti-filled balloons hoisted high over his head, as well as a strong, warm singing style. The excellent guitar work of Stephen Chiodi and unmovable bass lines of John Castetter add an outstanding mixture in the band’s chemistry. Jimi Orwig’s keyboards give them a thick, full sound, with some wonderful leads head, as well as a strong, warm singing style. 

The lead singer from the Menus opens up about life and music


Tim Goldrainer, lead singer for the long-running band, The Menus based out of Cincinnati Ohio, is arguably one of the most well known musicians in the greater Cincinnati area. He is known for his crazy antics on stage and the personal attention he gives to everyone who sees him perform. Born in 1964 he is now 50 and could easily be confused for a 25 year old. He’s a guy who’s is easy to like and the hour he spent talking with me was surprising, insightful and inspiring.

Tim – I knew what I wanted to do when I was 11 years old. My Dad won tickets to see Elvis on WSAI radio station. He told my mom to be ready at 6PM when he got home, told me we were going somewhere, I thought I was going to see a Stingers game. He took me to see Elvis in a box seat, it was about two weeks before Elvis passed away in 1977. I was already in performing arts, ballet and vocal. I told my Dad on the way home “I know what I want to do, I know what I want to be” I felt it and I had already performed on stage I knew what I was going to be. My dad said “make them remember you, you gotta make them remember you”.

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